My research has mostly been in the area of structural fire engineering and shell structures.  Until recently this has been largely numerical modelling but of late I have developed an experimental aspect too. I am increasingly interested in the interplay between structural optimisation, infrastructure resilience and the effect of climate change on structural design.

I will expand this page considerably in due course but for now the following papers will give a flavour of the work I have been involved with.

Travelling fires for structural design this work undertaken with Guillermo Rein, Angus Law and Jamie Stern-Gottfried was the first to examine how fires in larges spaces (such as open plan offices) may be designed against in a rational manner.

Out-of-Roundness This study examined the possibility of silo structures having defects that were not captured by existing design standards but which could nonetheless affect their strength significantly.

Fire after Earthquake Fire after and earthquake may initially seem an odd thing to study.  However, such fires are actually rather common due to, for example, ruptured gas mains and also unlikely to be put out because of general damage to infra-structure.  This paper reports on a project undertaken with IIT Roorkee in India to examine how concrete structures behave in a fire after earthquake damage.


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