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Everything you ever wanted to know about learning theories…

Most academics think quite a lot about how their courses are structured, how effective each part is, and how students respond to material. Similarly, educationalists have a range of theories for how people learn. Unfortunately the two groups tend to use very different language for similar concepts and often talk past in other rather than benefit from each others’ experiences and insight. This rather clever figure may help matters by offering some translation!

Thinking Outside...

…all on one page!  This fantastic and very useful map was created by Richard Millwood as part of the HoTEL project.  An interactive version can be found here.

Learning theories images

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The Future of Engineering Lectures

Lectures have been around since the time of the Greeks.  Text books are rather younger but have changed little in the last 100 years, except perhaps for the addition of colour.  Together they have formed the basis for university education for many decades suggesting that they are either very effective or ripe for change.  Or maybe both.

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