Monthly Archives: December 2013

Presentation to Fire Group

I presented yesterday to the fire group at Edinburgh about my PhD research.  This was part of a series of presentations academics in the group are giving about their PhDs.  It was also pretty much my last contribution at Edinburgh before I join Manchester University after Christmas.  My slides are available here.


Christmas Competition (with a Prize!)

How long can a beam be loaded only by its self-weight?  I ran a competition to find the answer to this internally at the University of Edinburgh a couple of years go and it produced some interesting entries so I thought I would run it again but open to all this time.  Full details are given  in the Christmas Competition poster.   There is a prize of a bottle of whisky.

Circles and structures

220px-British_50_pence_obverseHow is a circle defined?  Something like

“A shape that is the set of all points on a plane equidistant from a given point (the centre).”

This effectively describes a circle as a shape having a constant radius.  It is tempting to assume that a shape with constant diameter is therefore also a circle but this is not necessarily true.  Continue reading